How the WordPress Block Editor Changes the Conversation for Content Editors and Developers

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What is the Block Editor?

(the editor formerly known as Gutenberg…)

What problem is the block editor trying to solve?

WordPress has outgrown TinyMCE.

Full control over page layout

Pull quotes are now a thing

Chris Reynolds




Tablescan be created
withinthe editor

Establishes a standard toolset for editorial components.

What’s the big deal about Gutenberg?

  • First major internal component of WordPress built (almost) entirely in javascript
    • Based on React
  • Modern, block-based editor for more control over dynamic layouts and content types within posts
  • First time significant attention and development has been spent on a UX component of WordPress
  • Accessibility
    • Was not developed from an accessibility-first standpoint


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Classic Editor block.

Classic editor banner image

What do I need to know?
(Developer Edition)

You don’t need to know:

  • React
    • (but it helps!)
  • ESNext
    • (but it helps a lot!)

Block Editor Development Philosophy

  • You are developing for the admin rather than the front-end
  • Things that could previously have been shortcodes should probably be blocks.
  • Metaboxes should be re-thought.
  • Stronger emphasis on WYSIWYG.

What do I need to know?
(Editor Edition)

  • You have blocks!
  • For bespoke projects, you need to be clearer about your requirements
  • Gutenberg blocks take longer to develop
  • But it’s worth it!
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